Wednesday, September 14, 2011

the lockout

i love living in the city. the face pace. the endless dining options. the easy commute to work. the contact source of activities. but on saturday i had my first "ugh" moment of city life. bri & i had to get up early to move the car because of the street cleaning and when we got back to the building we noticed that some jerk had broken his key off in the lock to the main door. lovely. so we call the locksmith and he tells us that it will be an hour. this wouldn't be such a big deal, except for the fact that brian has to be to work in less than an hour and everything he needs is up stairs. we also tried to buzz ourselves in, but we quickly find out that the management company doesn't have our correct phone numbers and i end up speaking to a woman who lives in virginia. she must have thought i was crazy when i called her at 8am, asking her to buzz me in to my own apartment. ( i really hope the delivery drivers in the past didn't try this bc they would have been really confused). so needless to say 2.5 hours later the locksmith finally shows up. brian left for work and it was just me, myself and i killing time. i also forgot to mention that i was in my jammies...hadn't brushed my teeth or hair and no bra. it was just suppose to be a quick trip to move the car! i was amazed that not a single person came out of our building that morning! but of course the building next to ours was like grand central station during rush hour. i can tell you that the floor of our building has 87 tiles in it. restoration hardware has a lovely fall catalog out that i've memorized cover to cover. too bad i can't afford a damn thing in it. patience has NEVER EVER been my strong suite...and i feel very much like God was trying to teach me something. lesson heard loud and clear.

the locksmith shows up, just as my neighbor opens the door to head out for a run. figures. he couldn't have gone for a run the past 2 hours that i was sitting there?

got to love God's sense of humor :)

16 weeks till the wedding <3

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Dreams coming true...

I GOT IN TO NURSING SCHOOL! After 5 years of applying and being rejected I've finally been accepted! It's an accelerated bachelors program and I cannot wait to begin. But of course I can't ever make things easier on starts the week before the wedding! This is going to be interesting :)

My wonderful, understanding and very patient fiance has been more than supportive, especially when he found out we'd have to postpone our honeymoon. So no Paris and London till 2014.

I told them today at the preschool that my last day would be in December. I'm going to miss my babies, but so thrilled for this new chapter in our lives!

I know I've been lagging on the posts. I'm going to try harder in the future :)

Less than 2 weeks till my Bridal Shower and 7 weeks till my Bachelorette Weekend in Texas!

Time has been flying by and I know it's not slowing down anytime soon